Hooray! Hoorah! for the Holiday Makers

Hooray, Hoorah for the holiday makers
Happily peeling every one
Bright pink I think no summer tan fakers
Sausages sizzling in the sun

It's fun fun fun, frolic in the sun
Stripey windbreaks 4 quid each
If we went to Spain it would probably rain
We love Perranporth Beach.

Dancing, prancing in the breakers
Well built girls from Leeds and Brum
Happy days for the pasty makers
Flouncing, bouncing, bosum and bum

Fish and chips and gourmet burgers
Fine cuisine to take away
Alcopops and fizzy lagers
Smooth and sexy Chardonnay

Hear the happy children crying
Soothing words from Dad and Mum
All is calmed by ice cream buying
Family holidays - so much fun!

Look at me! look at me! I'm a fashion icon
Strutting on the beach in my lifeguard top
Save you from drowning I couldn't I wouldn't
Have a clue what to do if your heart should stop

August ending, school is starting
Peaceful Perran, bye and bye.
Heartfelt hugs and tearful partings
Ho di ho and hi di hi…

Nigel Hallworth 2010

" The Patent Deckchair Returner"

By Nick Beringer.

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