Stamp & Go are a group of five Cornish* singers -

Who sing Sea Songs, Sea Shantys, and songs about Cornwall and especially Perranporth.

They haveĀ  been together for 9 years , starting in the Watering Hole on Perranporth Beach, then to the Bolingey Inn, which they still regard as their home pub.

In the Spring of 2013 they recorded their third C.D. , and in January 2015 they launched an E.P. - "Shipwreck", in aid of the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Society.

For the last 9 years they have held their own Sunday afternoon Shanty Festival, ( now ' THE LOUDEST SHOUT ' ), at the Wateringhole on Perranporth Beach in April each year. For the last four years this has extended to the three days of the weekend and now includes other pubs in Perranporth and Bolingey and a high-profile concert in the Memorial Hall on the Saturday.

(* both by birth and by inclination )

Dave Stu Phil Malc Les Nige - Perranporth "Shout" Shanty Festival at the Wateringhole April 2009.
Tel: Lesley :01872 573629 / 447815598401 email :
The boys on the lifeboat " Helen Crombie ", Longhope, Hoy, Orkney 2009
Stamp and Go can mean either :

A form of Sea Shanty

A Jamaican Cod Fritter

or -

A Cornish Shanty Band....

you can learn something new every day ......

On the lifeboat ' Thomas McCann ' in the Longhope Lifeboat Museum, Orkney, 2011
S&G at Prussia Cove for the annual week's workshop 2013

Les, Nige, Malc, Dave and Stu.

The New Look Stamp and Go - Autumn 2015
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