Men of Cornwall  ( or Cwm Kernow .... ) ( to the tune of Cwm Rhondda )


Men of Cornwall, heed the call to stand beneath St. Piran’s flag

Drink of Betty Stoggs and Doom Bar; eat your pasties from a bag

Beer of Heaven, I’ve had seven;

 I can’t handle any more

Any more …

 I can’t handle any more.


Wander then the ways of Cornwall, rest awhile upon Goss Moor.

Linger on the road to Truro, wonder what the bus lane’s for;

Wise deliverers use the rivers

Better for their heavy loads,

Heavy loads …

Quicker that way than by road.



By the surf the watchful lifeguards, talent spotting to a man

On the beach the dusky maidens, baring all top up their tans

Hear loud hailing, in Australian

Health and Safety by the sea

By the sea …

Safe and Healthy by the sea.


Sing of Little Eyes and Lamorna, the White Rose and Camborne Hill

Dance the Obby Oss and Flora, merrily your glasses fill

Sing Trelawney,

Sing Trelawney,

Shall Trelawney live or die

Live or die…

Cornish Lads will know the Reason Why.


This song is a Celebration of Contemporary Cornwall.

The first verse came in a blinding flash of inspiration at the Camborne Recreation Ground while watching the Cornish Pirates

The second will strike a chord with motorists .. especially those who remember the Iron Bridge and the narrow part of the A30 from Bodmin westwards.

The third is a homage to our beaches - another blinding flash of inspiration while walking on Perranporth Beach

The last is about traditional Cornish Cultural Favourites

( " Merrily your glasses fill " is a quote from the Cadgwith Anthem. )

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