The Background to the song

Seadogs ( Men of Brims )

They are no fancy regiment
Of spick and span brigade
They wear no brilliant uniform
To march with on parade
No pipe or drum to cheer them on,
When siccur work to do
‘Tis the music of the tempest song
Leads on the lifeboat crew.

For the lifeboat men are seadogs
Of many a stubborn fight
They have faced the stormy Pentland
In it’s majesty and might.

By Hoy’s grim rugged headlands,
Through breakers drift and foam
Battering with the tempest
The Lifeboat struggles on
And bravely are they striving,
For down upon the lea
There are urgent signals flying.
There is trouble on the sea.


Stand by there lads for boarding,
We must keep her on the tack
By Stroma’s swirling swelkie,
Past skerrie rock and stack
While the surf sings on your beaches
Mighty ocean’s glorious hymns
Remember, ay remember lads,
That you are men of Brims.


Let us cheer the Aithhope lifeboat
And all her noble band
They have shed a brilliant lustre
Upon their native land
In days when you and I are gone,
‘Twill be a household tale
How the men of Brims crossed
Torness race in that October gale.

Respectfully Dedicated for their Noble Work
on 31st. October 1898

R Robertson Master Mariner 1899

Adapted for singing by Nigel Hallworth 2011

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